The Joys of Writing Every Day

5 thoughts on “The Joys of Writing Every Day”

  1. I can understand the struggle of keeping deadlines and writing everyday. For the longest time, I tried to maintain a daily writing streak of 1500 words, but once I got to grad-school, I had to compromise. Though I don’t write as much as I want, it still is a significant motivator to write something every day. Your passion for writing seems to be uncompromising and that’s admirable. Keep it up, this was an enjoyable read.

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    1. Thank you so much. I think it’s different for every writer. I have somehow convinced myself that the only way to be a writer is to write every day. Not everyone has the liberty to make this commitment. But it does not matter that you don’t have a daily habit as long as you’re making progress instead of sitting idle. Best of luck! 🙂


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