A Passing Glimpse

2 thoughts on “A Passing Glimpse”

  1. Great post. It seems like you’re encouraging a balance between being aware of (and appreciating) the world around us while also taking advantage of the power that focusing our attention can have. One of my biggest fears when practicing being present to the moment is that I’ll end up missing something very important. I’m not sure if it’s justified or not.

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    1. Thank you.

      I often get distracted from the present because my daydreams easily carry me away. I don’t always pay attention to things because my mind is a very busy place. But there are some moments in life that pull you in without your knowledge. Sometimes they hit you hard. That’s what happened when I was with my mother that day.

      I don’t really know if I wanted to send a message through this post. I was too much occupied with that single moment and wanted to write about it, and this was the result. I wrote what came to mind

      It is not possible to always stay in the present because the mind has the habit of wandering, but to be oblivious all the time is not good either.

      I have the fear of missing out on things too, but as I learned from one of my favorite movies, no matter how hard you try, you’re always going to miss something, so better enjoy what you have at that moment.

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