Loads of Chocolate and A Cat

10 thoughts on “Loads of Chocolate and A Cat”

  1. To be Frank I’ve followed you Rathika and your mentor Lez as well. Both of your words are bunch of awesomeness and inspiring. I wish I could start reading more and get inspired to live happily ever. And I think your feminist way of thoughts mightn’t be clashing between us.🤓🤓 #LoL I really enjoyed your post

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    1. Thank you so much for the follow. But I’d like to know what is your view on feminism. You might have a perspective I’d never have thought of. I would appreciate a healthy debate, but I don’t force my opinions on others and don’t tell them that their views are invalid just because they’re different from mine. I’ve always been fascinated by the variety of ideas, so don’t worry. 🙂

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    2. Sorry for the delay, Actually I was not well yesterday that’s why I didn’t came up. I just have only a single view on feminism, women should be respected and given an equal freedom of living life. Nothing much is appreciated like dominating over man, as you can see fake rape cases and all. These feminist activists nowadys are ready to take up anything that they’ll get to do so. It shouldn’t happen more over they should treat every man differently. Every men cannot be same like, I have to be a good son for my mom, a brother for my sister’s, a true friend for my friends and obiviously a good husband for my wife ( I know I’m the best in these 😂😍 ) . So in my opinion people cannot behave in same way.

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    3. I hope you get well soon.

      Feminists who tell you you feminism is about female dominance aren’t feminists. Feminism means equality for both men and women in everything, which means, a true feminist will want an equal pay but will also want a female rapist to be punished. True feminists know that even men suffer because of gender equality – not allowed to express their emotions, expected to be the breadwinner, etc – and we want to help them too. It’s sad some women misuse it, but feminism has never been about the woman being superior to man. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand feminism.

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    4. Well said, I can see a great women in you. As far as I’m concerned I can say there will always be a man in every successful women’s life and ofcourse women in every successful man’s life. I’m glad that I found new blogger friend. It was nice talking with you.😍😀

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