Weekend Coffee Share: Learning from Writing and Reading

2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Learning from Writing and Reading”

  1. Three things:

    1) Hold on to not being crazy dependent on coffee for as long as you can! It’s the best drink, but it’s also a crippling vice.

    2) Loneliness is so strange and tough to grapple with. We can feel lonely surrounded by people and we can also feel right content when we’re totally alone. I wrote about this just today.. busyness isn’t always an antidote for loneliness, though it does a great job of masking it at times. Fight hard for what makes you feel alive inside and pursue it in a way that doesn’t isolate you beyond what you’re comfortable with. And, above all, remember that there are plenty of us out there, somewhere in this big wide world, who know how that feels and are also alive and smiling and crying and dreaming and doing the same things as you. That’s the least lonely feeling of all. 🙂

    3) I was NEVER involved in writing groups or classes or contests growing up. Or in college. Some crazy combination of situation and lack of initiative meant that I was a very late bloomer and isolated developer there. So don’t despair–you are far more creative and motivated than I was (and still am), and your thirst for more opportunity will take you far.


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, John! 🙂 And three things:
      1) I don’t drink any kind of tea or coffee so there’s no question of being dependent on it.
      2)It is comforting to know that I’m not the only one. Being busy just makes me oblivious to the fact that I’m lonely and I also get to utilize my time doing things I would have otherwise procrastinated to do.
      3) Your writing is very inspiring and it is so good because it comes from the heart. You have a natural ability to write so well. Some of us need classes or writing groups, and some of us write great things without them, and you belong to the second category. Moreover, I want to study writing because I not only want to publish my books but I also want to be an editor.
      Thank you so much again for your encouragement and comments. 🙂

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