My Commonplace Book

The idea of reading other people’s notebooks, letters and diaries has always fascinated me. We can learn a lot about them from their work and their interviews and their life, but I think our most honest reflections come through the words we write without any censorship in our personal notebooks, not to be seen by … Continue reading My Commonplace Book

Lessons From Mr. Bond

And when all the wars are done, a butterfly will still be beautiful. -Ruskin Bond, Scenes From A Writer’s Life Sorry, but this is not about James Bond. Ruskin Bond is hailed as the most popular children’s author in India, though he writes for all ages: his works include novellas about the Partition of India, … Continue reading Lessons From Mr. Bond

A New Beginning

I’ve come far since I started writing seriously back in April this year and it has paid off well, but I’ve also, somewhere in the process, left my enthusiasm about blogging behind. I’d started this blog more than a year ago, and by Day 4, I’d become addicted to it, because this medium provided endless … Continue reading A New Beginning