I mentioned in my last post how much I was excited to write all the ideas I’d gathered in the last year. I was overwhelmed by the number of ideas and the thought of filling up notebooks with my words. However, I noticed my enthusiasm fading away. Maybe it was because I had a terrible … Continue reading Experimenting

A Short Guide To Life

Some notes found in one of my old diaries: Stay how you are and do what makes you happy. Eat burgers. Watch TV for hours. But also try something new. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Occasionally open the window and check out the weather. Write what you cannot say out loud. Wish on a … Continue reading A Short Guide To Life


My exams finally ended today, and I have three months until the new session begins. So obviously there’s a lot of time at hand to write, read, and go on a vacation. I have so many things planned, but unlike previous summers, I’ll do them alone. I used to plan fun activities for the whole … Continue reading Free

The Itch To Write

Ever since 2016 started, I’ve been busy studying for our Pre-Board examinations in January and February, and now for Boards, three of which are over. They will be ending on 30th March. By the end of 2015, as the days inched closer to the end of this academic session, the writer in me grew restless. … Continue reading The Itch To Write

365 Sunsets

The other day, I came across a picture on Pinterest, which for a moment took my breath away, and as it returned, I sighed at its beauty. I had never seen anything so beautiful: snowy mountain peaks painted a fiery orange and blazing pink by the sun. I absolutely fell in love with it. I … Continue reading 365 Sunsets

Blog Therapy

Day 4 on WordPress and I’m addicted to blogging. It’s a beautiful drug. More than writing, I love reading what others have to say. Everyday, I spend a great deal of time reading blogs than working on mine. I’ve found some really great posts and have also made some friends by exchanging simple words in … Continue reading Blog Therapy


Poetry is not really something I’m good at, however sometimes, the words just come out, and I reconsider writing poems again. This is the last one I wrote, a few months ago. Leaving I have seen your dark shadows blending into the moonlit night when you were leaving. I have heard the soft whispers of … Continue reading Leaving