A Passing Glimpse

My grandmother is always shocked to know the time. When she inquires about it and I tell her it’s such and such o’clock, she curses time and chides it for its speed. On the other hand, I’m like, “It’s four o’clock; there are still eight hours left for the day to end.” We’re both on … Continue reading A Passing Glimpse

Dear Diary

Our second class English textbook had an excerpt from Anne frank’s diary, the one about Peter’s lost cat. I read that passage over and over, and the idea of keeping a diary impressed me. My mother watched a daily soap which had a character, a balding Gujarati man with round glasses, called Mota Bhai (elder … Continue reading Dear Diary

Empty Space

There are so many things I have in my mind that I want to write about. I sometimes wish I would wake up in a completely lonely place in the wild with my notebook and fill every page in the notebook with all thew things I want to write about by the time the sun sets. But unfortunately, every morning, I wake up to go to school. Continue reading Empty Space